Accelerated orthodontics – complete your orthodontic treatment within the shortest amount of time

Imagine being able to see the before and after results of your orthodontic treatment within the shortest amount of time with much less discomfort? Thanks to AcceleDent, we can complete your orthodontic treatment in half the time thanks to AcceleDent technology, available at Copper Creek Orthodontics.

AcceleDent must be worn for only a single 20-minute session a day in order to effectively deliver healing micropulses to your teeth/gums, decreasing your discomfort during treatment and increasing the bone remodeling process necessary for a successful orthodontic treatment.

Non-invasive orthodontic treatment

A non-invasive, simple to use hands-free device, the AcceleDent is similar in appearance to a mouth guard and worn over your braces. Find out how AcceleDent can shorten your orthodontic treatment by contacting one of our offices.

Dr. Noriega presents the scientific and clinical evidence for AcceleDent to peers and encourages the early adoption of new technology that benefits patients and improves their orthodontic treatment. Contact us for more information today.

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